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PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION BOOKS Create Your Dream Life in 6 Steps or Less Inspired by my daughter, Suite-River, who believed in the power of her own words to defeat rejection, I wrote this book as a personal development tool for everyone who wants to live a happier life. Inspirational photos and tutorial included. Book measures 6 x 9, 111 pages.
Personal Coaching Programs Create Your Dream - Learn how to journal with purpose through a six-step process of personal transformation. Capture Your Dream - Learn how to think the thoughts, write the words, and act as your dream life requires. Crush Your Dream - Explore methods to leverage your dream for financial and philanthropic gain. Each plan involves weekly phone or Skype sessions for 12 weeks. Additional sessions can be scheduled as needed. One-day intensives for each plan are also available. LET'S TALK: knelsonauthor@gmail.com
Create Your Dream Life in 6 Steps or Less Workbook An empowering companion to "Create Your Dream Life in 6 Steps or Less", this Workbook is a wonderful tool for moving through my six steps of personal transformation. Complete instructions are provided along with reference sheets and resources to create the life of your dreams. Motivational quotes and inspirational photographs carry you through the process. Book measures 8.5 x 11 , 87 pages.
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I look forward to speaking with your group about the transformational power of words. Every single person present will leave with action steps they can use right away. I'll bring the journals.

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