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There I was, searching for my childhood friend Marjory Silver and looking in all the wrong places. We met in a neighborhood theater group and shared a spotlight as siblings in the stageplay "Cheaper By The Dozen", when we were kids. Finally I spotted her at a high school reunion. It was her reunion. I was crashing it. Who knew we had both grown up to become life coaches. She was looking for a podcast production partner. And the rest was history!


Here we are, back together again,  performing without a net and loving it! I guess acting taught us how to do things the hard way - on our own, learning on the fly.


Podcast #1: Know it like you know you are going to pee in the morning.

Marjory and Krista talk about starting their first podcast, the theme "What'd 'U Want & How'd 'U Get It", and what to remember when developing a vision board.

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