Love and protect AIR, so AIR can love and protects us. Nurture an intimate relationship with AIR.
At a rebirthing ceremony in 2019, I felt called to take the name Iridescent Moon. Later, I realized her current mission as a silver lining sentinel. Long before the name came to me, I was aware of her as the energy that channeled the lost stories of my relatives indigenous to the Americas and Africa as talismans and bracelets@knelsonauthor Instagram
And before the energy was the training by fire, air, water, earth, and space:
My earliest memory of a significant encounter with an earth element is nearly too painful to retell through the About section of a website. Suffice it to say that at six years old, a lit match pressed to the back of my hand by a joke-telling older school mate set the tone for a life-time of practicing forgiveness as medicine. 
The second encounter was with wind. I tried to revive him, but the air I filled his lungs with, returned to me changed the way the mail does, mysteriously crumpled and smudged returns to sender from the wrong address ― processed but not in the way intended.  Somewhere between midnight and dawn, my father, the man who taught me the beauty of silence, and the joy in music; the man who used to give me what remains my biggest thrill - tossing me up into the air and catching me over head, suffered heart failure and died while getting into bed. I left the house to sink my inner darkness beneath the cover of the night garden. I stood alone, in shock. And then suddenly the wind came and spoke to me. “Life comes and goes with the wind," she said in a language only my heart and gut could translate. "The wind comes and goes with life. And yet life and wind are eternal," she blew through the leaves. And as she tossed tis way and that they laughed the way I used to in the air high above my father 's head.
When my marketing career ended, the ocean organized content for my career as a manifestation coach. "Six Steps, she crashed against the shore. "Create Your Dream Life in 6 Steps or Less," write the text, publish the book to help others jump the waves and make a splash in the ocean of their experiences.
Mark and I vacationed in Cancun, Mexico and the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. We were arranging to make these two places our permanent addresses. Under April's full pink moon we joyfully discussed our plans.  But he only saw one more sunrise. Suddenly, he was gone along with our plans for a future together (in 3D). But while he transitioned, a blanket of Forget Me Nots called out to me from the garden.  So perfect in their blueness, tiny faces open to the sky; I could not deny their sweet yet powerful suggestion to remember what Mother wind taught me decades before.
When I lost Mark, downsizing became minimalism. I moved into a smaller space, with only the bare necessities if you don't count all the journals. Emptiness filled with calming solitude allowed me the spaciousness to rekindle an intimate relationship with self just in time for COVID-19 and social distancing.
I’ve lost innocence, relationships, jobs, titles, property, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, a life style. As a collective we are experiencing loss due to climate change, racial injustice, sexism, ageism, and disease.
I call myself Iridescent Moon, a Silver Lining Sentinel because my mission id to share shine my light by sharing what I have learned about the power of nature to acknowledge loss, sooth grief, quiet fear and plant the seed of peace, love, and optimism.
While nature elements work together, I like to point out their unique abilities to support us. By focusing on their generosity and devotion we can see their importance more clearly. Like all living entities they can be destructive as well as creative forces. It's important to recognize that they are alive. Get to know them better. Ask them to get to know you better. Your friends will think you've lost your mind, but you'll look like you're in love. And you will feel like you're in love. And when you're in love it's easier to see silver linings. It's my pleasure to accompany you on your journey. Let's arrange to talk more about this and select a coaching plan that fits.

My Natural Inspiration
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