"Iridescent Moon, a Silver Lining Sentinel, as brought to us by Krista Nelson, is a unique and expansive being that has beautiful and important messages to share. She reminded us of our connection to the natural elements, and how in working with them we are a reflection of nature as nature is a reflection of us. Nature has so much to teach us and Iridescent Moon helps us to deepen our experiences for personal growth no matter what stage we are in life."  ~ Karrol, Nature Mystic
Wow! Thank you Krista for the call to the Elements, for the beautiful songs and drumming and for the adventure to the moon and back. What a beautiful journey. 
Krista facilitated a session in my mastermind group and she opened and held the space unlike any other teacher I’ve experienced: with soul-stirring songs and drumming interwoven with teachings from the natural  elements. Krista has a unique and intimate wisdom that is connected to nature, energy and human existence and she shares this knowledge with amazing clarity and kindness. I highly recommend her work for anyone needing access to a deeper level insight and inspiration. ~Anna Tsui, Founder, The Intuitive Business School
This workshop was medicine for the soul. 
Iridescent Moon conveys a deep truth that is only known through the wisdom of lived experience. Through song, story, and journeying we were reminded of the power of working with the nature elements. I felt a calling to slow down and hold reverence for that which surrounds, supports, and nourishes us. I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to witness and experience Krista and Iridescent moon. ~Tara
Working with Krista literally helped me to smell the roses again.
When I first started meeting with Krista my mood was quite sour. I was very unhappy with my work life and felt as though Philadelphia was growing dirtier and smellier by the day.
She guided me through exercises that lit up my senses so I could remember that the way I envision the world determines the outcomes of my experiences. I began to enjoy the sights and sounds in y environment while embracing all the parts of me that make me unique and powerful. 
I am truly grateful for the time we spent in those sessions. Krista clearly understood where I was coming from and helped me get back on a much more pleasant and joy filled path. ~Emma
I was at a road block in my life.
My kids had grown up and it was my turn to do what I wanted, but where was I to start? I had so many aspirations, Krista would listen to me during our sessions and was able to guide me to a place  wanted to be.
At this time I have my own organic skin care line called Heavenly Bodies and my goal is to have Health and Wellness spas around the wold. Thanks to Krista I know I will. ~Joyce 
She's absolutely the best life coach I've encountered!
I bought many of Krista's Create Your Dream Life in 6 Steps books and manifested one of my dreams. ~Donna
I needed to reconnect.
I knew I needed to reconnect with the elements of nature quickly. I took your guidance with water and sat next to the water garden in my apts. I listened to the water, gave gratitude for how it’s taken care of me over the years and then asked what it wanted me to know. I received “just be.”
It’s ok to just be. Like water there’s nothing to worry about or compare. Being myself is more than enough. This 6 week training has had me rub up against fear, but the connection to water after your class gave me comfort and clarity. Thank you! ~ Farrah
Krista and I have ben friends for more than 30 years. 
The many great tools she taught me to use have now been incorporated into my life and I've seen actual proof of the benefits of those tools. She taught me about the importance of putting into place daily rituals to create habits and to map out goals and timelines for achieving them. Krista's energy was peaceful, bright and very supportive. At the same time she had clear expectations and kept me accountable. ~Kelly
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